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The womble's radio show

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As you all know we are trying to pull in more members & listeners around the world as well as the Uk. I have posted this on a couple of australian sites & sent it out to a few friends over there. If you have any family or friends down under would you send this to them thank you womble Hello my friends Womble here I have some good news for all of you that listen in to Bikers Hang Out Radio. We know that because of the time difference betwee the Uk & Australia unless you work nights or never sleep you miss out on shows soooo. As from this week our day time shows are going to be repeated so that you can listen in during your daytime. We have based the time difference on London and Brisbane. Dj Moto's shows will be playing at 10am ( AEST ) The Wombles radio show will be playing at 2pm ( AEST ) Tell all your mates join the website leave a request for a song or dedication You can download the FREE app click he links ) Apple App Store: [Download Here]( ) Google Play Store: [Download Here]( )Or visit our website: [Bikers Hangout Radio](


"Welcome to Womble's Radio Show! This is your space to conne...


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