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The womble's radio show

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hello everyone

I have been doing a little bit of working out. On May 14th it will be our 300th show & also my Birthday

Would you all like to help me celebrate this ?

What I would like to do is beat our record for the amount of listeners for that show I am not going to say what that record is because the numbers change all the time.

India Hayes

Hi there one and all Saturday evening 5pm (Uk time). Thw Rockin Womble's bring you The Ace Rock N Roll show.

50's 60's 70's 80's 90's & even some from 00's as long as it's ROCK N ROLL.

India Hayes

5pm UK time monday to friday come join us for some great songs a little banter & your request.

India Hayes

Nice to see your still causing mischief and at the start or end you should play our tunes a bit of war pigs!!

India Hayes


"Welcome to Womble's Radio Show! This is your space to conne...


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