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As bikers, we want to find someone who will share the biker life with us. That’s not always easy, so the Bikers Hangout team decided to start Bikers Hangout Dating! You can chat to other bikers who are also looking for interesting people to get to know. You can make connections with interesting people. If you’re looking for love, maybe you’ll find it. Whatever you’re looking for, though, you’re looking for it in a great place. Good luck, and happy dating!

bikers hangout dating


Dating can be hard for everyone. Finding someone who you click with – someone who shares your hobbies and passions; someone who makes you smile. Bikers Hangout Dating might be just what you need to help you find that special person to ride with. Since we’re a community with a shared love, you know you’re among friends here, and that makes our dating forum a great place to start looking for someone who might be more than just a friend.

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Knowing that the person you’re chatting to shares a love of the things that are most important to you is a great first step towards finding someone special that you want to spend time with. By trying dating within the biker community here at Bikers Hangout, you’re doing that right from the start – no need to go looking for common interests as you know you share a love of bikes. It’s a solid start.

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We know and trust our community – we know you’re good people! We need to make it clear that we take the safety and comfort of our members seriously though, so please be aware that unacceptable behaviour will lead to the individual being removed!


If you have any questions about sharing an event with us, or want more information about any of the other services that we offer, please email us – we’ll be in touch.

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