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The womble's radio show

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denise hall
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Tomorrow morning THE FLUFFY GUY ON A MOTORBIKE is live with his Drivetime show from 7.30am til 9am. At 2pm til 4pm BIG PAUL with his WHOLE LOT OF ROCKIN show, rock n roll,rockabilly and do wop. Then you have got us THE WOMBLES with 2 hours of rock,well mostly rock. On tomorrows show youve got tracks from Sweet,Anthony Gomes,The Dead South, plus many more ,and whatever Womble decides to play. This is recorded. Live show on Saturday 28th from 12 midday til 2 pm.Requests being taking for this.

India Hayes
India Hayes
India Hayes
22 oct 2023

Hey Denise, looking forward to listening to all the great shows and singing along to some great tracks! Brilliant 🤩 x

Me gusta


"Welcome to Womble's Radio Show! This is your space to conne...


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