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The womble's radio show

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hello everyone

I have been doing a little bit of working out. On May 14th it will be our 300th show & also my Birthday

Would you all like to help me celebrate this ?

What I would like to do is beat our record for the amount of listeners for that show I am not going to say what that record is because the numbers change all the time.

Put the date in your diary or make a note of it tell your friends & family get the all to listen in Tuesday 14th May at 5pm, feel free to ask for a dedication.

Anyways tune in Mon to Fri 5 pm to 7 pm (uk time) also fri night & sat night at 10 pm & Sat noon and again at 5pm For some great sounds & your request.

India Hayes


"Welcome to Womble's Radio Show! This is your space to conne...


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