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Hello one and all.

Denise has come up with a idea. Yes she does sometimes lol.

If anyone would like to send us a playlist or ( post it on here ) of about 20 songs we can do a show featuring your favourite songs & give you a big shout out at the same time.

Please let me have your feedback on this & your playlist ofcourse.


Shadow Dancer
India Hayes
Ian Titler
Ian Titler
Jun 17

OK, if PC will behave, I have 18. Funky Moped, Leader of the Pack, Ride like the Wind, Motorbiking, 2,4,6,8, Motorway, Born to be Wild, Thunder Road, Radar Love, Wanted, Dead or Alive, Bat out of Hell, Bad to the Bone, Highway to Hell, Iron Horse, Ace of Spades, Silver machine, Free bird. Been a while, but I used to DJ on RAF base station, and help a civvy mate run his discos when I could - though we both froze setting the mirror ball up when another friend played "sing if you're glad to be gay" at a rugby club do. This was around the time of the Blair Peach incident, and graffiti in the toilets read "Support your local Police, beat yourself up" At the time, I had 600+ vinyl singles of my own, plus around 300 12 inch singles and LP's. Sadly mostly destroyed in a house move

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