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Good morning @Everyone starting on the 23rd June we are back at the Bears Paw in Frodsham.

They’ll be the Womble’s from our very own Bikers Hangout Radio (For those who haven’t tuned in yet, I’ve put the links to our radio station App below)

🍏 Apple App Store: [Download Here]

👾 Google Play Store: [Download Here]

They’ll be spinning some tracks and entertaining us as well as whoever’s tuning in, as yes we are broadcasting live! They’re also be talking requests 😁

They’ll also be a fully stocked BBQ, plenty to drink, loads of beautiful motorcycles so if you’re available pop down and show off your pride and joy, plus lots more.

It’s a £1 admission which helps cover some of the costs, as Bikers Hangout doesnt make anything from the food and drink. Plus teas and coffee will be £1.

So don’t forget, put in your diary 📔 23rd June .. see you all there boys n girls 😎🏍️


It will be myself & denise providing the sounds

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