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Morning!@Everyone remember bikers Monday to Friday 7.30am and its the Breakfast Drive time Show …So, let us play you into the day and all the way through with the Wombles at 4pm 😁 via Bikers Hangout Radio ..

In the realm of roaring bikes and leathered gear,

Bikers Hangout Radio, we all hold dear,

A hub of news and reviews, it's true,

Where bikers gather, the passionate crew.

With engines loud and spirits high,

They spin the tales 'neath the open sky,

From Tokyo's streets to the U.S. coast,

Bikers gather, they love the most.

On airwaves wide, the voices blend,

Tales of journeys that never end,

With humor sharp and wit so bright,

They light the day and own the night.

"Rev your engines, folks!" they cheer,

As riders listen from far and near,

From cafe racers to cruisers grand,

All find a home in this biker's land.

News flashes in, from every road,

Of rides so epic, of tales untold,

With laughter echoing through the air,

Bikers Hangout Radio, beyond compare.

In this worldwide hub, where friendships grow,

Bikers unite, they steal the show,

With camaraderie, they ride so free,

A family bound by two-wheel glee.

So here's a toast to the radio's might,

To Bikers Hangout, day and night,

With news, reviews, and witty spree,

They fuel the world's biking glee!

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