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Bikers Hangout Radio

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@Everyone What a Fantastic launch of the Bikers Hangout Radio station.. Mark Hawkins aka DJ Moto is a awesome presenter! And the ROCK music F*****G Amazing!! 😃 My house was Rocking and Rattling the foundations .. just bloody brilliant!!! Thanks Mark .. and thanks to everyone who tuned in and supported the turn on.. I think we managed to play all the Requests 😀

Remember the Radio is now LIVE 🎸and plays 24/7 so you get a constant mix of none interrupted fantastic Rock!! 😜

So click the link below and join the 1,000’s of Bikers listening worldwide 🏍️🎸

peter wakeling
peter wakeling
peter wakeling
Apr 01, 2023

Let's have some thinlizzie boys and back in town..

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