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Had a great weekend at the rally was knackereed when i got home.

unloaded car then fixed sons bike then recorded the rock n roll show & the bed.

Monday up at 2am for a nice drive to cornwall long long day 15 hours by time i got home just in time to have a coffee then do the monday show.

Today out in nice shiney new van bloody thing broke down on one of the busiest roads in london in the middle lane at a set of lights just to add to the fun the week can only get better

India Hayes
India Hayes
India Hayes
Sep 05, 2023

Hey Womble! Sounds like you had a pretty busy weekend but hopefully some fun and laughs thrown in .. thanks for flying the Bikers Hangout Radio colour’s really appreciate all your hard work and dedication to what you do really well, entertain ..sorry to hear about the van! Sounds like it was a right pain in the arse hun .. hopefully your week will get better 🤞😊

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